Winners and Losers 2017-18


Division 1:

Champions: Guildford 1

Runners-up: Cheddleton 1

Third: White Rose 1

Fourth: Guildford 2

Relegated: Barbican 2, Spirit of Atticus A, The ADs, Cambridge University 1.


Division 2:

Champions: Manx Liberty

Runners-up: Celtic Tigers

Third: Wood Green Monarchs

Fourth: North East England

Relegated: Poisoned Pawns 1, Kings Head, White Rose 2, Barbican Youth.


The following norms were also achieved this year:

GM Norms AUS Justin Tan (Oxford) - 3rd and final GM norm. Rating required.

IM Norms IRL David Fitzsimons (Wood Green) - 3rd and final IM norm. Title achieved.

ENG Andrew Horton (3Cs) - 2nd IM norm.

ENG Adam C Taylor (Wood Green) - 2nd IM norm.


Division 3 North:

Champions: Gonzaga

Runners-up: Bradford DCA Knights A


Division 3 South:

Champions: Barnet Knights 1

Runners-up: Wessex A

Relegated: Anglian Avengers 2, The Full Ponty, Hackney, West is Best 3.


Division 4:

Champions: Surbiton

Runners-up: CSC 2

Third: Iceni 1

Fourth: Iceni 2


Only White Rose 2 have elected to enter division three north next season. There are therefore three promotion places available from division four (south) to division three south, and Iceni 1 will be promoted.




Four Nations Chess League

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