Guidelines for Weekend 1


Divisions 3 & 4: 9-10 Nov, 2019


Divisions 1 & 2: 29 Feb-1 Mar, 2020



These guidelines are intended to advise team captains on the interpretation of Rule 8 which will be applied to the first weekend of the 2019-20 season.


Owing to a potential clash with the European Club Cup, for which Division One of the 4NCL is a qualifying competition, it has been found necessary to delay the first weekend of Division One, and for logistical reasons Division Two, until February.



    These guidelines have no impact on squads who do not have teams competing in both Division One or Two, and also in either Division Three or Four.

  • For the purposes of the definition of a round in Rule 8, Rounds One and Two of Divisions One and Two are taking place after Rounds Three to Six. This ensures that when all divisions play on the same date they are playing the same round, making things simpler for all concerned by reducing the number of rounds to which these guidelines apply.

  • Teams are expected to comply as far as possible with the board order rules between teams in Rounds One and Two, despite the disparity in date.

  • When selecting teams for the 9/10 November weekend, affected squads are expected to make a reasonable allowance for unavailability of players on the 29 Feb weekend.

  • Captains are reminded of the provisions of Rule 9.6, that where a squad has teams playing on 9/10 November teams must be entered by 7 November for all that squad's teams, and also that no player may play on both 9 November and 29 February, or 10 November and 1 March.

  • We recognise that it would be possible to list players in November to play for a Division 1 or 2 team in round one or two with the intention of strengthening a Division 3 or 4 team but no intention of their playing on 29 February / 1 March. Captains are advised that the Management Board will be monitoring this, and reserve the right to apply any penalty it sees fit for flagrant or premeditated breach of the spirit of the rules, as provided for in Rule 14.3.

  • In view of the lesser availability of players, considerable leniency will be exercised where a Division One or Two team breaches the second sentence of Rule 8.4 (exception to 80-point rule) in respect of a player whose presence is required to meet the requirements of Rule 1.2 or 1.3 (minority rule).

  • Leniency will also be exercised where an intended board order becomes invalid due to changes in rating between the November and February FIDE rating lists.

  • No penalty will be applied to higher division teams for a breach of Rule 8.3 (80-point rule) between teams. Any penalty will be a game point penalty applied to the lower division team involved. The fact that this penalty will be retrospective is a regrettable side-effect of the situation in which we find ourselves.

  • No penalty will be applied under Rule 8.9 (default to be in lowest team) should a squad default boards in the lowest team playing on 29 Feb or 1 Mar.


Captains seeking guidance on specific cases should contact the Chief Arbiter.


Dave Thomas, 4NCL Chief Arbiter



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