30th 4NCL OTB Congress



Friday 20 - Sunday 22 Jan 2023, The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.


Three Sections: FIDE Open, FIDE U2000, FIDE U1700. 3000 in prizes.


Further details and entry forms to follow soon.

Main 4NCL Team Entry



Captains and Managers are welcome to enter teams for the forthcoming season starting 22-23 October & 5-6 November. Details of dates and venues is here.




Deadlines: All entries, whether for existing teams or for new entrants, need to be received together with the appropriate entry fee by close of play on Sunday 4 Sept & Thursday 13 Oct (for registrations).


Links: Entry Guidelines | Rules 22-23 | Rule Changes | Initial Team Allocations | Hotel Booking Service

Hull 4NCL International OTB Congress




Friday 14 October - Sunday 16 October, Canham Turner Conference Centre


Open, U2000 & U1700 | Fee: 30 | Entries | Information & Arrangements


See details here about accommodation options for this event.






Entries close 5pm Fri 14 Oct.


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  This congress is a Chessable ECF Grand Prix event

Hull 4NCL GM Norm Event

A nine round event, Wed 12 - Sunday 16 October at the Canham Turner Conference Centre.





Full details, players, pairings and results | Replay Games | PGN


Games will be broadcast LIVE



3rd 4NCL Online Autumn Congress


Tuesday 6 September - Tuesday 29 November, 2022


Open | U2000 | U1700 | U1400 | Games | Information | Winners | Fee: 10.50




Rd1 entries close, 5pm Mon 5 Sept.

Main Online - Season 6




Start Rankings | Deadlines: Saturday 3 September (entry), Tuesday 6 September (registration).

Junior 4NCL Online - Season 6




Start Rankings | Deadlines: Monday 29 August (entry), Thursday 1 September (registration).

Online Fair Play Regulations -  Season 6


All players involved in new registrations will need to sign the Fair Play Form for Season 6. Please note that players will not be available for selection until the fair play form has been signed and received. Previous/old registrations roll over.

Fantasy Football


For the 2022-23 Fantasy Premier League why don't you join "Premier Chess" - the number one League for chess players? Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply go here and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game. League Code: j6bm9j


Reminder - the League starts on Friday 5 Aug. Managers must use their real names - NO pseudonyms.

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