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  Squad or Team Captain or Manager Email Contact
1 Alba Neil Berry Neil Berry
2 Anglian Avengers Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis
3 Ashfield Neil Graham Neil Graham
4 Barbican 4NCL Jonathan Rogers Jonathan Rogers
5 Barnet Knights Robert Willmoth Robert Willmoth
6 Blackthorne Steve Ledger Steve Ledger
7 Brown Jack Ben Ogunshola Ben Ogunshola
8 Cambridge University Nevil Chan Nevil Chan
9 Celtic Tigers Christopher Skulte Christopher Skulte
10 Cheddleton Fiona Steil-Antoni Fiona Steil-Antoni
11 Chessable White Rose Jonathan Arnott Jonathan Arnott
12 Coventry Joshua Pink Joshua Pink
13 Crowthorne Ken Coates Ken Coates
14 CSC/Kingston Kate & Charlie Cooke Kate & Charlie Cooke
15 Desert Penguins Augustin Madan Augustin Madan
16 English Deaf Chess Association Steve Gibson Steve Gibson
17 Gonzaga Gordon Freeman Gordon Freeman
18 Greater Manchester Woodpushers Aidan Rawlinson Aidan Rawlinson
19 Guildford Young Guns Andrew Martin Andrew Martin
20 Hull & East Riding Tigers Douglas Vleeshhouwer Douglas Vleeshhouwer
21 Iceni John Feavyour John Feavyour
22 Lancaster Richard Walsh Richard Walsh
23 Manx Liberty  Zahed Miah Zahed Miah
24 MK Phoenix Adrian Elwin Adrian Elwin
25 North West Eagles Sanjoy Banerjee Sanjoy Banerjee
26 Oxford Tim Dickinson Tim Dickinson
27 Poole Patzers John Weatherlake John Weatherlake
28 Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg Paul Hatchett Paul Hatchett
29 SchachAttack Nick Burrows Nick Burrows
30 She Plays To Win Lorin D'Costa Lorin D'Costa
31 Shropshire & Friends Charles Higgie Charles Higgie
32 Surbiton Tim Seymour Tim Seymour
33 Sussex Martlets Rhys Cumming Rhys Cumming
34 The ADs Ian Snape Ian Snape
35 The Audible Checks Alex Bullen Alex Bullen
36 The Full Ponty Mark Adams Mark Adams
37 The Masceteers Jack Moss Jack Moss
38 The Rookies Chris Gibson Chris Gibson
39 The Sharks Ben Purton Ben Purton
40 ToBeDecided Ifan Rathbone-Jones Ifan Rathbone-Jones
41 War and Piece Chas Chapman Chas Chapman
42 Warwickshire Select Mark Page Mark Page
43 Watford Roger Lancaster Roger Lancaster
44 Wessex Some Stars Keith Gregory Keith Gregory
45 Wood Green Lawrence Cooper Lawrence Cooper
46 Wood Green Youth Lawrence Cooper Lawrence Cooper
47 Wotton Hall Ian Robson Ian Robson


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Four Nations Chess League

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